Wake On Lan and clients moving VLAN

In the past we have used Wake On LAN (WOL) to boot machines and do remote maintenance. A view years ago our company implemented a Network Access Control (NAC) solution to machines network access. The down side of this solution is that when a client is not generation traffic (read: is shutdown) it is moved to a different(quarantine) VLAN with a different IP-range. When the client is turned on the switch port is moved to the proper VLAN. This breaks WOL because tools such as System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) broadcast their magic packet to the wrong destination subnet. The magic packet is used to trigger the machine to boot.

A visual would look as follows:

Because WOL is such a useful feature to have we had to come up with a solution. After some tinkering a solution was found, now.. it aid great but it works like a charm. We implemented destination NAT combined with a targeted broadcast to redirect the traffic to the appropriate subnet. For example: 

Source Destination Destination NAT 

This creates the following scenario allowing us to, once again, use Wake On Lan: